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creative-countdown-to-christmas-ideaA Homemade Idea for the Countdown to Christmas! 

Ditch the store bought advent calendars and make your own countdown to Christmas! We’ve got a creative countdown to Christmas idea that you can make at home that your kids, family, or hubby will love! You’ll save money and you can get creative with each new day! Here is a list of everything you’ll need for the countdown to Christmas idea with steps and photos to get you going! 

What You’ll Need

  • Red, green, or other colored paper lunch bags or clear bags
  • Colored ribbon
  • Permanent markers 
  • Hole punch 
  • Scissors
  • Candy and other goodies for inside the bags
  • Stickers, stamps, or any other decorating items 

DIY Christmas Countdown Directions 

1. Cut the bag almost in half so it isn’t as tall.


2. Write the number of the countdown or write “Countdown To Christmas/Number” on the front of the bag. Fold the top down and make two hole punches.

3. Cutely put the candy or goodies inside. You can tie a ribbon around them and then place inside the bag.


4. Feed the ribbon through and tie a bow.


5. From there, put cute stamps or stickers on there and every morning of the new countdown day, put them on the kitchen table for your kids and hubby to open!

6. Or to keep it simple, use clear bags and put your goodies inside. You can creatively decorate the goodies so they can be seen.


Let your festive mind run wild with this creative countdown to Christmas idea! For your son, you can put a little candy and a toy racecar in the bag. For your daughter, put in some candy and a glittery lip gloss. Have fun with this countdown to Christmas idea and make it your own! 

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