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If you're like us, there's really nothing better than a comforting, yummy sandwich. Isn't that the very magic of the sandwich - that it's so basic? Is there such a thing as an exciting sandwich? Apparently, yes!

You can get a wide array of unusual flavors and textures between those two comforting slices of bread. Womensforum spoke with Top Chef fan favorite, Fabio Viviani to get some of his chef secrets on taking a sandwich out of its box and some of the top trends in the world for sandwiches.  



First of all, a sandwich with one or two ingredients is the very definition of boring.

"Layer and layer and layer," says Viviani. "Layer flavor and texture, color - that’s what makes a great sandwich." Something like a BLT is a great example of a sandwich with a lot of different textures and tastes - you can up the ante even more with the runny-ness of an egg or the creaminess of some cheese. 

Open It Up


Viviani says one of his favorite trends in the world of sandwiches right now is the open-face sandwich because before, "presentation in sandwiches was never a big thing." What's the point in covering up all those great ingredients? Check out these 12 delicious open-face sandwiches to inspire your next creation. 

Substitute And Add Ingredients 


Add unexpected vegetables or fruits to your masterpiece to take it to the next level. Viviani says he'll take a basic sandwich and maybe grill some zucchini for it or fry an egg. 

Another tip from the pros? When doing a breakfast sandwich, Viviani has a really cool substitution for scrambled eggs.

"Sometimes what I do, I do scrambled cauliflower. I shave some cauliflower, I scramble it, caramelize it, add some cheese to it, and add some bacon. So it kind of looks like scrambled eggs because it gets nice and creamy," he says. 

We're ready to get cooking! What are some of your favorite ideas for elevating a sandwich?

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