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creative-valentines-day-gift-ideasIt's that time of year again-–love is in the air, and before you start stressing over reservations for a romantic evening with your guy, stop and think about the other loves in your life. Valentine's Day is not just about romance, it is about sharing the love with all the special people in your life. And who do you love more than your children? So instead of buying them the paper cards and candy they will get in their classroom parties anyway, put some thought into their gifts. 

The List is here to help with 10 different themed Valentine’s Day creative gift ideas that you can put together for your kids, no matter if you have a houseful of boys or that one complicated teenage girl—and maybe you’ll even find an idea or two for a basket for your man too!

So put down the menus and let The List be your guide to great Valentine’s Day gifts for your family before you cave and resort to those tinfoil chocolate kisses and heart shaped lollipops again.  

The List: Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. For your girls: a basket full of makeup like red or pink nail polish, nail files, heart decals for nails, lip glosses, blushes, eye shadow, red or pink eye lash curler, red or pink nail clipper, etc.

2. For the tech lover: computer themed basket with red / pink mouse pad, keyboard cover, laptop case, laptop carrying bag, red or pink iPod / iPad / iPhone covers/cases, red or pink headphones, red / pink colored gift card to their favorite tech store (Apple, iTunes), etc.

3. For your daughters, sisters, and mothers: Jewelry like necklaces with heart charms, gold or silver ring or bangle bracelet with a heart or “love” scripted on them, charm bracelets, heart earrings, pink or red earrings, a ring, necklace or set of earrings with garnet or ruby stones.

4. For your boys: red basketball, red soccer ball, red baseball mitt, red lacrosse or hockey stick, red gym bag, red mesh shorts, red t-shirts, red sneakers, etc.

5. For kiddos or hubby: A pajama basket with red or pink boxers with hearts, and cupids, red socks, slippers, etc. For girls red or pink undies, red or pink sleep shirts or matching pajama sets, pink or red slippers, eye mask.

6. For the sweet tooth: basket of baked treats with heart shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate covered cheesecake pops, crispy marshmallow treats with red or pink frosting words like “love” “be mine."

7. For the reader in your life: basket of books either about love or with red book covers, red or pink reading light, book mark, or even a red or pink electronic reading device. Also maybe a red mug or blanket to curl up with while reading.

8. For your elementary schooler: red/pink or heart notebooks, stickers, pencils with hearts, pink or red pens, notepads with hearts, pink and red paper clips, folders, lunch box that’s pink or red.

9. For your deal maker: binder of homemade coupons to be used throughout the year with a coupon for playing hooky from school, one for a trip to get ice cream, one for a day at the beach, one coupon for a movie night…etc,. This could also be an idea of what to give your husband: one coupon for a back rub or a coupon to go play golf for example.

10. For your guy: Date night in a basket!

For more ideas by us, please visit Poshmom.

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