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With feminism on the rise, more women are feeling empowered to take matters into their own hands to get things accomplished. I’m not saying chivalry is dead, but who says the man has to be the one to propose? If you do decide to pop the question, there a few thing you should keep in mind. 

Make sure you give your man the same attention you’d want him to give you when proposing. While guys aren't typically picturing the day their girlfriend proposes to them, they still imagine how it will go down. Make the day something both of you will remember!

Also, keep his hobbies in mind. The ultimate surprise will be if you propose while doing something he loves. Does he love fixing cars? Enjoy playing video games? Building things? Love sports? Think of creative ways to incorporate the question while he’s enthralled in a hobby.

Now for the fun part. Here are some creative ways for women to pop the question...

If he’s a huge sports fan:

Plan a big game day party for just the two of you! Create custom tickets to the big game at your apartment, make his favorite game day snacks, get him his favorite team jersey to wear and make it feel like you’re in the stadium. On the ticket you could say, "There will be a special halftime performance." Obviously, the halftime performance is you bringing out that ring!

If he loves building stuff:

If he’s in the middle of hammering away at something, you can sneak the ring box in the middle of all his tools. Offer to lend a hand, and when he notices the box that’s when you can give your proposal speech. How cute would that be?

If he loves fixing cars:

Does he need some new tools? You could surprise him by getting him a set of whatever new tools he needs. Before he opens the new tools, you can put the box with the ring in it inside. Close the box back up and make it look brand new. Tie it with a bow and give it to him. He’ll be stoked!

Keep it simple

Most men are simple-minded. Don’t plan something too out of the ordinary. After all, he will be surprised enough at the fact that you are proposing, and not him. Don’t do anything too out of the box or he’ll be sure to know something is up.

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