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creative-ways-to-store-foodIf You Have a Lot of Food That Needs Storage, Then Why Not Store Your Food in a Creative Way? 

You’ll want creative ways to store food if you’ve got boxes of your kids’ favorite cereal, granola bars, cookies, snacks, and so much more stacking all over your kitchen. And if you’re a mom, keeping your kitchen organized yet cute and trendy is a must. Check out these creative ways to store food that keeps your kitchen orderly but also makes your food easy to find and store. 

1. Store Snacks, Cereal, and Prepackaged Food in Plastic Containers

A creative way to store food is to put all your cereal in clear plastic containers. It will look nice, take up less space, and since the containers are clear, it’s easy to grab whichever cereal your kids are craving. Do you have woven baskets lying around? Even if you don’t, go buy some. They aren’t expensive (you can even try a thrift or second hand store). Line each basket with basket liners that match the colors in your kitchen. Then organize your prepackaged food like granola bars, crackers, cookies, candy bars, etc into individual baskets. Give each basket a designated food and then line them up in your pantry or on counters. 

2. Add More Shelves and Kitchen Storage Areas 

A creative way to store food is to bring in more shelves if you are lacking the room. And, a bookshelf would do just fine! You can buy narrow, tall bookcases so they’ll fit in any corner of your kitchen. In each bookcase you can store foods like canned goods, paper towels, big boxes of pasta or whatever you want. To make it a creative way to store food, add a curtain! Hang a curtain rod from the fridge to the wall and hang a curtain that matches your kitchen. 

Do you have a lot of spices? Another creative way to store food is to add a wall-mounted rack for your spices. If they won’t all fit, just put the ones you use the most on the wall-mounted rack and place the rest in the curtain-closed cabinet. 

3. Go Crazy with the Label Maker 

It might take a little time to print out labels and tape them on your foods but once it’s done, you’ll be a happy little organized mommy. Once you’re dry foods are labeled, head to the fridge. Sometimes, there’s so much food in the fridge, it’s hard to find anything. Get some plastic baskets that are lying around the house and put fruits in one, veggies in another, desserts, cheeses, meat, and so on. Then a creative way to store the food: tie labels to the front of them. You’ll open your fridge to get your kids an apple and you’ll know just where they are. 

Try these options on creative ways to store food. It might take a little while to get it all organized but once you do, accessing foods in your kitchen will be so easy.

And you’re a woman! So, you might as well make your life as easy as possible. Plus, how cute is the curtain idea?

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