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cut-calories-and-lose-weight-videoHow To Cut Calories and Lose Weight

As moms, learning to eat smart and live a healthy livestyle can be a challenge when we are in a hurry and taking care of our kids.  Andrea Metcalf shows us small adjustments to our food choices and how they can impact weight loss within a year.  Our metabolism begins slowing down when we reach our 30's, and unless we continue a weight training and cardio regime, the pounds will pack on, no doubt about it!  When we are raising children, it is pretty easy to put ourselves last, and the result is that we let our workouts lapse.  But these simple tips can give us the grace we need to lose weight when we cannot get to the gym.

 Tips for Losing Weight

  • Switch from 2% milk to fat-free milk.  Within a year you will lose one pound.  A pound is a pound when pursuing weight loss!
  • Pick the right yogurt.  Switching to greek yogurt will save half the calories and double the protein.  Protein keeps you full longer, thereby keeping your appetite at bay and helping you to eat smarter at the next meal.
  • Eat five to seven fruits and vegetables a day.  Eating fruits and veggies will keep you satisfied and full longer.  A creative idea to use fruits and vegetables is through salad dishes.  But watch the dressing!  Switching to a fat free salad dressing saves you 110 calories each time.
  • Eat baked potatoes, which adds fiber to your diet with a whopping 5 grams of protein.  If you must use sour cream, do the fat-free option.  This will save you 30 calories every serving.

There are many more options than the above suggested to take the shortcuts needed to cut calories and lose weight; do your research!  An additional advantage is that as we all eat healthier and get our families used to the right choices, we make it a "no-brainer" for them when it comes to making good food selections that they take with them for a lifetime.

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