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Home Valentine's Day Love Is On The Menu For This Tiny Hamster Date

Love Is On The Menu For This Tiny Hamster Date

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Photo Credit: YouTube

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything worth seeing on the internet, a video of two tiny little hamsters going on a date appears. In this adorable video that makes you say “aww” the whole time, two hamsters enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day date complete with a yummy Italian dinner and gondola ride. Love is in the air and hamster food is on the menu! 

HelloDenzien’s YouTube channel is home to hamsters eating tiny-sized foods like pizza and burritos and in this video, these two hamsters, who are clearly hopelessly in love, get to enjoy mini sized spaghetti and meatballs. But first, they take a romantic gondola ride in a boat as tiny as they are. 

Make sure to check out this tiny hamster tiny Valentine’s Day date at Tiny Tony’s Restaurant in the video below. 

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