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Cutting Down Cost For a Holiday Meal

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cutting-down-cost-for-a-holiday-mealAs part of our holiday "Savvy Shopper" series, we have collected tips to ensure that you will stay within budget when shopping for your fantastic holiday meal. With these money saving tips you are sure to be smiling as the cashier rings you up.

This time of year the expenses that pile up can be overwhelming. Between the cost of gifts and the cost of preparing or contributing to meals, it is difficult to keep your budget on track. If you happen to be the person who is throwing the holiday party and you are preparing the majority of the meal, we have collected tips to save money.



Follow the Weekly Ads

You may laugh at this task, but it really does save money. Take the time to get your weekly paper and look at the ad inserts. By doing this, you will be able to see who has the best prices on groceries that you need. This time of year, the sales in the ads are focused around traditional holiday food, whether it is turkey or yams.

When you see an item you are looking for that is a great price, buy it that week, stop on your way home from work, or while you are running weekend errands to the grocery store that has the best sale. Buy only what you need, little by little, then when it comes time to make the meal, you don’t have to go and spend a small fortune in one trip. Buying items as you see them will help eliminate stress when Christmas comes around because you will have basically everything you need, leaving you to only have to purchase fresh meat and produce right before.

Clip Coupons

Just as the weekly ads are tailored to the time of year, the coupons are as well. It is incredibly common this time of year to see coupons for canned goods, pies, whipped cream topping, even ham, and usually the coupons are great ones. Check with your local grocery store because many of them automatically round coupons to the dollar, making even better savings.

By following the ads and using coupons with sale items, you will see the cost of your meal drop significantly.

Use Favado

If you are looking for a great money saving app, Favado is a must have. When you download this app, you will have to create an account and once you do you will be able to scope out all of the sales and deals available. You can search for the brands you want, check out who has the best prices and make your grocery list. Making it even easier for you, the app allows you to check out the best coupons for what you are shopping for based on your list.

You can set up your favorite stores within the app to ensure that you are getting the sale updates for that store. Once you do this, the best deals at your favorite stores will be listed as an easy way for you to narrow down what you need.

With these easy tricks you are sure to cut down the cost of preparing your holiday meal, leaving you more time to focus on making the food your family and friends love.

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