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Susie Sharkey is from Louisiana and she and her family are dairy farmers, but what goes into being a dairy farmer? What’s her day-to-day like? Well, it’s not easy! But with the help of her five children and fifteen grandchildren, it certainly gets done! 



She gets up at 1:00 a.m., has a little coffee, and gets ready to start her day!

"Cows give more milk in the morning," she says.

She puts on her milking clothing and heads out to the barn to hook up all her milking units. Part of their life is making sure the cows are comfortable and a little spoiled! Hey, it’s their living too! Her  children were raised on the farm and the grandchildren love to help out. It teaches them responsibility and work ethic. 

Sure, she says it’s hard work, but she wouldn’t want to do anything else! 

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