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dangerous-food-dietsDangerous Fad Diets to Be Aware of

Trying to evolve the perfect figure is a common issue for most women. Body issues are an ageless epidemic sweeping the world and offer no discrimination when it comes to age and female demographics. Women want to look trim, fit and feminine all in one, and most are not content with the figure they currently have. Steering clear of dangerous fad diets can be the first step into building a new you in a safe manner.

List of Diets to Not Do

Cookie Diet

This diet consists of eating cookies (yes, cookies) to slim down in a jiffy! Ladies, if it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. These cookies claim to contain complete nutrition, but not matter what you put in a cookie, it's still a cookie. While these cookies can be a reasonable addition to a regular diet, they should never be used as the primary source of nutrition. What this diet is really about is portion control. By only eating, say, 5 cookies a day, a woman limits her calories. You can achieve similar results in a much healthier way by eating more low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables and managing your potion sizes.

Lemonade Diet

This is very similar to the cookie diet, you just utilize a lemonade concoction as your main form of fuel to trim that waistline. Some people use the lemonade diet as a "cleanse" that lasts a few days. While cleansing in and of itself can be a healthy thing, some women take it to extremes. You should only perform a multi-day fast or cleanse twice a year. A shorter, 24 hour cleanse is fine once a month, but in order for these techniques to be most beneficial, you need to provide yourself with excellent nutrition before and after. That means getting rid of empty calories, eating more fresh foods, and increasing hydration with water or unsweetened teas.

Cabbage Diet

This version is actually less dangerous than the others on the list. In fact, many surgeons recommend this to pre surgical patients going into heart surgery as a cleansing format. Most cabbage diets revolve around a low-calorie cabbage soup made with cabbage, onions, carrots, celery and broth. The soup is used as the main source of calories for several days. While this practice is fine in moderation, once again, it becomes dangerous when over-used. Any diet that restricts you to a single type of food is bound to be bad for you in the long run.

The Hollywood Diet

This diet has been around for quite a few years. It bodes is roots from the famous city of beautiful people, and involves making a juice from a concentrate mixture and consuming that for three days. This is another type of cleanse that is often abused and used inappropriately. If you are considering trying the Hollywood diet or any other extreme cleanse, talk to your doctor first to dertermine if there are particular risks you may not be aware of.

The list of the craziest fad diets can go on forever if you search the web. While these diets may enable you to lose a few pounds in a very short amount of time, the underlying issue is that they do not provide enough calories for the body to function at a healthy rate. It is never recommended to consume only one food type for days on end or everyone would be fasting for a lifetime. Yes, some of these methods can be used for cleansing purposes, but for the most part, they are not recommended by nutritionists or physicians as safe or healthy means to lose weight. Instead, do it safely and speak openly with your primary care doctor to ensure that your personal weight loss goals are met in a sustainable and healthy way.

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