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synthetic-marijuanaStudies Show Synthetic Marijuana is Just Dangerous

Fake marijuana products are gaining in popularity because most of the time they don't show up on a routine drug test.  And the manufacturers claim that this "pseudo" marijuana is made of 100% organic herb mixtures, leaving our children to think they are safe and natural.  But that couldn't be further from the truth.  None of us wants to imagine our teen trying marijuana, let alone synthetic versions.  We try hard to ingrain the natural law of taking care of our bodies and being responsible.  But the reality is we never know what can happen when they are with their peers. And there is rising concern as we see more and more of our teens in emergency rooms with elevated heart rates or even having heart attacks from marijuana.

What Is Marijuana

I think we have all been faced with the choice of smoking marijuana, whether it was during junior high, high school, or college.  Marijuana was a huge drug used in the 60's and 70's during the "hippie" movement."  Kept simply, marijuana is a dried out, shredded green and perhaps brown combination of leaves, stems and seeds. The official name is Cannabis sativa. "THC" or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical that gives people that "high" or good feeling that people continue to pursue.

How is Marijuana Used

Marijuana is usually smoked like a cigarette or with a pipe.  When smokiing like a cigarette it is rolled into what smokers call, a "joint." Tea containing marijuana can also be made, using the leaves. The smoke from a marijuana pipe or "joint" has an odor that is distinguishable.  One has to smell it only once to remember the smell.

Marijuana's Effects on the Brain

The reason people like to try marijuana, whether it be children or adults, is because of the effects of marijuana on the brain.  Marijuana use heightens pleasure, concentration, sensory perception and improves motor skills. However, along with these seemingly attractive benefits come the reality of adverse behaviors. 

People that smoke marijuana experience inaccurate perceptions, compromised coordination and complications in thought processes, most of all memory loss. 

Synthetic Marijuana

  • The chemicals used in synthetic marijuana are legal so far, but the scary thing is that we don't know how the drug is affecting people in the short or long term.  Even the stores that sell it warn that they can't guarantee the effects will not have long term ramifications.
  • People that smoke the synthetic marijuana report that they do not feel the "high" as long but that that they seem to feel more relaxed and not so "buzzed" as with regular marijuana.
  • Many teenagers have been rushed to emergency rooms or had theart attacks from synthetic marijuana.  Educate your children on why it is foolish to engage themselves in curious, destructive behavior.

Ask your kids if they have heard about synthetic marijuana in a non-threatening, non-parental way.  Talk to them about the risks and your concerns.  In an ideal world our children will do nothing wrong.  But we never know the situations they may end up in and even the most intelligent, great kid can end up in a difficult situation.

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