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dark-chocolate-may-help-walkingOur favorite sweet treat now has another health benefit that may help you or someone you love! 

According to a new study, dark chocolate may make walking easier. Dark chocolate has been shown to improve artery flexibility, but now may also help people with peripheral artery disease (PAD) walk a little easier and longer distance. Although the study was small with just 20 people, those who ate dark chocolate showed an 11 percent increase in walking distance compared to those with no change. 

Dark Chocolate Improves Walking Ability 

PAD is a circulatory problem in which arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs causing pain in the legs during walking.

PAD patients with symptoms of intermittent claudication who ate dark -- but not milk -- chocolate experienced an improvement in their walking. Although, researchers stated that this needs to be researched more, but it is a fantastic stepping-stone to finding out yet another health benefit of dark chocolate.

Previous studies have also found that our favorite chocolate actually enhances the artery dilation. Researchers found that those who ate the dark chocolate improved in their ability to walk and the distance they were able to walk without experiencing pain. 

Sources say that exercise can also bring about this positive walking effect in PAD patients. Exercise improves the metabolic function of the skeletal muscles and there is evidence that it may promote the development of new blood.

Hey, a little walking and eating chocolate? Sounds good! 

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