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dating-a-man-with-childrenYour First Time Dating a Dad Has Come. 

You’re dating a man with children and it’s a new experience. You just moved on from dating men that actually acted like children and now you’re dating a man with children. Whether your new boyfriend has kids or you two are getting serious, you’ll be asking yourself how do you stepparent? How do you date a dad? It may be an intimidating situation but dating a man with children doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

If you don’t have children of your own, it can be a confusing situation to date a man with children. You’ll have to remember that thereis a special reason the two of you are dating. It doesn’t have to be you, him, and his child all the time. You and your man have your own time, he and his child have their own time, and when you’re ready, the three of you can have time together. Dating a dad will give you time to yourself when he’s with his child and you should take advantage of that. The last thing you should do though, is try to compete with his child. He understands he has to split his time and his kids come first. 

Dating a man with children will give you the opportunity to do fun activities that you haven’t done since you were itty-bitty. Another perk of dating a dad? Your man will be more adult-like and mature since he has a child... well, you can only hope. Also, in the beginning of your relationship, it’s natural to feel a little resentment towards the child and his or her mother. Dating a dad is all new to you. You’re probably used to your boyfriends being all about you. 

Meeting Your Boyfriend's Children 

  1. Dating a man with children means that you need to wait until you two have established a relationship before meeting his kids. If you two plan to marry, these children will be your stepkids. 
  2. Don’t plan a long meeting and don’t plan a huge list of activities. It can be intimidating to both your boyfriend and his child.
  3. Don’t be offended if the child isn’t instantly your best friend. You’re a new face.
  4. Bringing gifts the first time you and the child meet might set a standard in the child’s head. Plus, you don’t want to buy anyone’s love. The man you’re dating with children already loves you and wants you to meet his kid, that’s special all on its own.
  5. Make sure the mother of his child knows you will meet. It’s her kid too.
  6. Be positive. Be excited to hang with his child. Use that time to strengthen your relationship.

Dating a man with children doesn’t automatically ruin the relationship or dub you as the evil potentially future stepmother. Just remember these tips on dating a dad and your relationship will blossom. 

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