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Vanchau Nguyen wants to help you find your soulmate. The app developer is a true believer in H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s first suggestion from his 21 suggestions for success, which is "Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery."

Due to this, he finds that creating a social media platform in which the focus is video profiles will provide an online dating avenue like nothing else available today.

Nguyen, who has been involved with online communities since he was about 12 years old, became involved with online dating when he started his first company ezboard. It was one of the first user-customizable online message boards with millions of users created in 1997, long before Facebook and Twitter.

“We often used to get emails stating that users had met their spouse online using our site. Some would write just to say ‘thank you’ and others invited us to their weddings. The interesting thing was that the relationships formed online over a long period of time, often with no physical meetings until deeper in the relationship,” says Nguyen.

He recalls that this is when he really began wondering if these couples were enjoying happiness longer than couples that met in traditional ways.

This strengthened Nguyen’s belief that your primary relationship has the greatest influence on your happiness (or misery) and that successful relationships really can start online.

“When you look at a video of someone instead of photos you get a better sense of the person, their voice, and possible chemistry.” 

From there, he decided to create his own dating site known as Mingle2. He knew it was something he was passionate about and worthy of his time (H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s second suggestion). After many years developing and operating a dating site, Nguyen expanded into mobile applications with JustSayHi, a video social media app focused on relationships that uses video introductions to provide a greater sense of connection and authenticity.

16471-just-say-hi-appPhoto Credit: JustSayHi.com

Nguyen says, “When you look at a video of someone instead of photos you get a better sense of the person, their voice, and possible chemistry.” He adds, “Video profiles are more real than photos and no one has to pay to interact with those they find interesting. Our goal with JustSayHi is to create an authentic and frictionless online experience that facilitates people connecting offline.”

What’s unique about Nguyen’s company, Mingle Limited, is that it operates like a self-funded research lab experimenting with different ideas.

“We have some core dating businesses that fuel our innovations and we believe this gives us an advantage in discovering new and useful ideas,” he says. 

“We have other apps in development that are different than anything that is out there today,” Nguyen adds. “And they are coming out soon - within a year or two.”

Even though Nguyen won’t reveal exactly what he’s been cooking up lately, we look forward to discovering what the next generation of online dating has in store for us! 

Visit JustSayHi.com to download the app for iPhone and Android. JustSayHi now features a chat room and multiple languages. 

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