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Write Your Own Daughter to Father Poems Quotes

Quotes someone if you must, but Fathers love to receive heart-felt gifts and an original poem is a great way to express how much you care and how special your father is to you.  Finding famous daughter to father poems quotes can be a great way to show your Father your love on his special day.  We know you simply hated English Composition but this is different.

Get Started

To start a poem from daughter to father, first, list all of the things you love about your father and things only you and he would understand, like special inside jokes and experiences only you have shared. You may also draw, sketches of you and your father, or scenes that relate to the things you have listed.   Photos of you and your father are a nice touch, also.  Phrases that are original quotes will be appreciated.  If you find it difficult to get started simply hit the net or peel through a few books of poems by some super authors until you find a line that hits home.

Sweet Personal Quotes

Once you have have your original or personal quote before you and have finished the list or drawings,perhaps collected some photographs from childhood or later, you can put the events in order from first to last.  Be sure that you have included very descriptive words about your father, which will be used throughout your Father's Day poem.  For smaller children the poem may be about a recent outing or visit they have experienced with their fathers.  Younger children may also want to just use pictures, as a type of poem, instead of words.  Don't worry, in this project, there is no wrong.  You can't miss.  Your expression of love to your father imperfect or otherwise will make him swell with pride.

Writing the Poem

A great way to start writing is by finding great inspiration, look at the pictures and drawings you have collected and find one that you would like to write about.  Maybe you have one of your father, taking you to the zoo, or a special day out.   Just write a few lines and create a unique poem, about this time with your father. Once you start the words will begin to flow.

Making a Father's Day Gift

Turn your special Father's Day poem into a gift. Find a sheet of colored construction paper, and then hand write your poem on a plain white sheet of typing paper.  You can then glue the white sheet, centered onto the constructions paper.  You can also add the picture or drawing, which inspired the poem, to the paper. You can even make a nice frame around the edges of the construction paper with items, like glitter, buttons, macaroni noodles, or whatever you may have in your craft box.

Be Inspired by Other's Poems from Daughter to Father

Below are some great daughter to father poems quotes we found at poemsource.com and davis.net.  Getting inspiration from others is always a good idea. But remember, your daughter to father poem does not have to be a work of literary genius.  As long as it's authentic and real your father will think your poem is perfect, because it was an original Father's Day gift from you alone.

If after struggling and procrastinating, you are unable to produce a word of poetry. Just write a short heartfelt letter detailing the best memory you have of being with your father as a child and to top it off incude a poem quote from a writer you enjoy or appreciate.  So much can be found in your local library or on the internet.  Just be sure to give credit to the true writer in honor of your old English teacher.  Here are just a couple of examples of poems written espeically for fathers.  Also remember, contemporary poems don't always rhyme.  The imagery created, the realism of a description or the alliteration or simple "sounds" of a poem are enough.  Read your work aloud to yourself.  You will know when you've hit payload.  If your words ring emotionally true and give you a little shiver they will thrill your father.

Top-Notch Father, By Karl and Joanna Fuchs, poemsource.com

Not many can have a father

Who's half as great as you.

Others might try, but they fall shy

You're a top-notch father, it's true.


So that's why on your special day,

I want to make sure you know,

I admire you sincerely and love you dearly,

And those feelings continue to grow.

Dad -davis.net

Many poems have been written to explain,

How a mother's love can soothe the pain.

But little has been said about a Father's concern,

So...now...I think it must be his turn.

A Father's love for his offspring,

Is just like that of a solid gold ring.

No matter what, it is unending,

Never breaking; though.. sometimes bending.

His love is as strong as a mother's; although...

Due to his personality, it sometimes doesn't show.

There is no question of how strong..

Or of its lasting...however long.

So no matter if his child is good or bad,

There is no Love stronger, than that of a Dad.

More Daughter to father poem quotes can be found on the internet, in a library book or in the greeting card section of your local drugstore; but in your Father's eyes, the very best poem of all, no matter how ameteurish, will be the one created especialy by you, his daughter. Poems Quotes and other word gifts are a perfect way to let your Father know how special and one of a kind you believe he is. And it won't cost you a thing.

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