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deadly-bacteria-invades-hospitalsDeadly Bugs Invade Hospitals, Health Care Facilities and are Antibiotic-Resistant! 

Sources say that health care facilities and the medical community are becoming increasingly concerned over the deadly bacteria that is invading hospitals. It is reported that this strain of deadly bacteria that’s invaded hospitals is known as CRE. The medical community is shocked by this strain of bacteria and sources say some have never seen anything like it before.

Please be aware of these deadly bacteria invading hospitals, stay healthy, and check out the details of this alarming bacterium. 

“Superbug” is Infecting Thousands 

Sources say that there have been thousands of CRE cases throughout the U.S. in the last recent years. And, that’s in health care facilities. The medical community is concerned that Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or for short, CRE, could make its way from the health facilities to the general public! 

According to sources, they can’t figure out how to stop this superbug, as they are calling it. The death rate among those patients with the CRE infection is about 40 percent. It is apparently the most alarming infection the medical community has seen. It has spread to over 40 states!

The organisms can infect the skin and soft tissue, lungs, bloodstream and urinary tract.

The medical community is working on trying to find a drug that it won’t be resistant to and are working with different state departments. These deadly bacteria CRE that has been invading hospitals is a large concern to the public and to the medical community.

Continue to look for more information on CRE so you can keep yourself and loved ones healthy. 

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