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Does your little one push aside the broccoli or tomatoes? Don't give up hope! Just because your child doesn’t like broccoli today doesn’t mean they won't tomorrow! Here are some ways to get your kids to try different foods and enjoy meals they never thought they would!

Tips for Getting Kids to Try Different Foods 

Tami Conway suggests trying different variations of the foods that kids don’t like. For example, try cooking green beans a different way to entice them to try it! Sometimes the pickiest of picky eaters will end up loving the way you prepared something on Friday rather than Tuesday.

Lara Field says that she has two extremes in her house. She has the older child who will eat anything you put in front of him and then the picky eater. In Field’s house, the rule is to try foods at least once and depending on the child’s age, that’s how many bites he or she must have. What a clever idea! 

Moral of the story? Don’t label your kids as picky eaters. They just haven’t realized how yummy most food is out there!

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