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landscape-1470348535-barack-obama-birthday-joe-biden Cropped

The Obamas have been getting a lot of thank-you's during the past two weeks, and rightfully so! (We even thanked Michelle Obama ourselves). But the vice presidential family definitely deserves a mention and some accolades too - Joe Biden was Obama's right arm throughout his presidency of course, but he did a lot more than that - especially for women.

Standing Up For Women

Biden took on sexual assault prevention and ending violence against women as one of his major objectives during his two terms with Obama. For instance, he was the first major American politician to stand up and state that "no means no - whenever and however you say it". He launched the 1is2many initiative, which uses technology and social media to reach out and reduce sexual violence among students and other young adults, particularly on college campuses.

Because 1 Is 2 Many

The name of the project comes from the fact that even one person person assaulted is too many; however, young women in the 16-24 age group face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. As some of you reading this may know, one in five college age women will be the victim of sexual assault and one in ten teens are hurt by someone they are dating - and this stat includes men.

Everyone is affected by violence against women in some way, shape, or form - whether it is personal or affects a loved one. That's why Biden's work is so important - sexual assault and violence is not a women's issue, these are everyone's issues. 

Also, he's pals with Lady Gaga and that's just cool. 

We'll miss Obama, Michelle, Jill and Joe almost more than words can say, but we've just got to say this Joe Biden specifically - you are awesome

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