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Womensforum contributing writer Emma DiLallo has shared her 2017 #DearMe letter and goals with us, and we're pretty inspired! And ready to declutter our own lives. Read on...

Dear me, in 2017 I’m going to declutter my life.

Declutter My Digital Life

My Gmail inbox has somehow turned into my junk mailbox. After subscribing to endless newsletters, freebies, and job alerts over the years, I continue to rack up over 50 spam emails a day. Often times, they just sit in my inbox. This year, I will take time to unsubscribe, delete old emails, and organize new and old into relevant folders. Then I will focus on decluttering my mini computer, aka my iPhone. Apps I haven’t used in over a year—buh-bye. Random numbers I never actually saved and gave a name to—see ya. Pictures of miscellaneous screenshots from 6 months ago—delete. 

Declutter My Home Life

This goes beyond just cleaning out closets and getting rid of clothes I’ve been clinging to (although I definitely need to do this too). I will get rid of items that don’t serve an important purpose in my life. I use the same coffee mug every day, so why do I have 30 mismatched mugs stuffed in my cabinet? I will throw out makeup samples and hair products I don’t use daily. I have found my beauty routine, and I don’t need half-empty bottles getting in the way of it.

Declutter My Social Life

Okay, this one will be a bit harder, and may offend some people along the way, but it’s also the most important. I will say “no” more often when I truly don’t feel like doing something or seeing someone. The idea of saying “yes” to everything is a very old-school way of thinking that claims to bring happiness. I’ve discovered that carving out time for something I’m not excited about, does not bring me joy. Yes, it’s okay to stay home on a Friday night. The term FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) never existed in the ’90s, and you made it happily through the ’90s, right?

Staying in used to be fun until we saw everyone else posting party pictures and lavish vacations, which leads me to my next point: I will unfollow the Facebook “friends” and Instagram users I’ve collected over the years that are no longer relevant in my life. 

None of this will be easy. I’ll have to make lists. I’ll have to sell things (or just cringe when I throw them out). I’ll have to turn my friends down. I’ll have to spend many nights cleaning, deleting, and over-thinking. But it will all be worth it to have a decluttered way of life. 


Emma DiLallo is a copywriter living in Chicago (but reps her NYC roots). She is always down for catching live music and eating sushi 7 days a week. 


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