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declutter-your-home-fastWe'll Teach You How to Declutter Quickly and Efficiently!

Oftentimes when we wake up in the morning and there is clutter, we feel discouraged, discombobulated and immediately feel overwhelmed. We may not be able to find things and get scattered (both mentally and physically). The act of decluttering is an inevitable necessity, or we would go crazy! And I don’t know about you, but unless you are in the mood to declutter, it is not fun at all!

So, the best way to declutter when you are not in the mood is to declutter quickly and get it over with.  Here are quick ways to declutter.

How to Declutter Quickly

  1. Begin with one area of your home at a time. Set a goal each day to attack a section of your home to declutter. Studies show that three-fourths of the items we have in our homes (or 75%) is clutter.
  2. As you begin on one section of your home, ask yourself if the items belong in that section. If not, move that item out of the way and group the similar or “like” items together in the assigned area. 
  3. Do you have more than one of the same item in the designated area?  If so, you'll need to get rid of any duplicates to free up space. 
  4. And, if the right items are in the right section of your home, you can eliminate stress by knowing where to find it.  If you do use an item, make sure you place it back where it belongs. 

Getting Rid of Clutter- What Should I Throw Out?

Getting rid of things can be the toughest part about decluttering. We often hang onto items we think are significant, when in reality, we may never use them. Experts say that if there is any hesitation, then it is considered clutter.

  • Have you used the item in the past year? Will you use it in the future? If you answer “no” to these questions, then consider it to be clutter.
  • Does the item make you happy and lift your spirits? If not, it is likely clutter. Remove your favorite items from each area, which should be about half or 50%. The rest is likely clutter!  So, get rid of it! This is especially helpful in closets (hence, jeans that are too tight).
  • If the item is broken or has been broken for a long time, then consider it clutter.  I am terrible at this (fixing a button on a shirt or sewing up a hole).  I always think I will get to it and I never do. Those items are currently in a pile in my closet.

Do you have any additional ideas on relieving clutter?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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