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decorating-your-homeDecorating Room-By-Room

To women, the interior design of our homes or apartments is a reflection of us.  Our identities are wrapped up in our living areas, whether it be wall art, color or wallpaper or decorative items.  Yet at times it can be daunting and we can get overwhelmed, yet we want to be creative and make our homes a sweet place to relax and enjoy.  But, there is a way to decorate without pulling your hair out!  Starting room-by-room and figuring out your favorite colors for decor is a good way to start the project.  Here are some ways to spice up your living areas.

Interior Design Ideas


Living Room Decorating Ideas

When a guest walks into your house, the living room is known as the "first impression," and sets the stage for comfort and lasting impressions.  Simply put, the living room tells visitors about you, your personality and your family.  Begin designing your living room by picking colors you and your family enjoy and will not tire of in a small amount of time.  If you are feeling uncertain of color projection, pick neutral colors for the wall and furniture and add color with wall art, colorful pillows and vases.  Decide if your living room is going to be of a casual nature or formal.

The Kitchen

Let's face it:  we probably spend the most time in the kitchen.  So why in the world can't we make the kitchen the way we want it?  After all, whether we like or hate to cook, we should at least be in a place that makes us feel good.  There are simple, cost effective ways to update and enhance the kitchen experience without spending a lot of money.  

  • Consider replacing the knobs on your cabinets.  Many stores like Home Depot, or even discount stores have incredible specials on cabinet hardware, even the latest faucet designs.  Simply replacing the hardware gives your kitchen a new look that you can be proud of. 
  • Think of lighting as well as you decorate the kitchen.  Maybe you need the room brighter. 
  • Depending on your tastes you can choose a contemporary look or a traditional one.  It's always good to match up the hardware with the lighting too. 
  • Paint the walls in a color that motivates you. 
  • Don't be afraid to show off your dishes by replacing cabinet doors with glass ones.

Bedroom Decorations 

Whether large or small, there are great ways to utilize the space.  This should be a comfortable place where you pick your favorite colors, whether on the wall or tied up in your comforter, pillows and bedding.  You can go bold, romantic, contemporary, feminine or sophisticated.  Many furniture stores have bedroom designs set up for one to consider, complete with bedside tables, wall accents and lamps.  When it comes to your children's rooms, depending on their ages, let them decide on the colors.  Have fun with them as they decide how they'd like their rooms arranged.

The Bathroom

This is the room that is pretty easy to overlook, but also an essential part of your home.  When decorating a bathroom, focus should be placed on lighting, hardware, vanity, decor and walls.  Think outside the box and use color as you decide on a theme.
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