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The American Cancer Society put the odds of dying from cancer in the U.S. at 1 in 5.

That means that all of us have lost people we love. We are cheering someone on as a survivor. And we worry that it could happen to us. Today, don’t just be aware. Be powerful! Take your health into your own hands and join us in getting #33minutes of exercise today. If exercising just because it’s good isn’t enough motivation, consider this.

Today, dedicate your workout to someone you love who is fighting cancer or you’ve lost to cancer. Think about them, send them your love and your strength.

I know it meant the world to me when people wore dresses on my behalf through treatment. There’s nothing an ill person values more than health, and by celebrating health and sharing it with them when they don’t feel as well, you lift them up. And if you believe we are all connected somehow, then you can literally be giving them your strength, filling up their batteries so they don’t have to be so strong.

Love it?

Then break out the good stuff and get your #33minutes!

Please share this post with others and let’s see how much health and support we can create together. Use the hashtag #33minutes to get people asking what it’s all about!

Today, my #33minutes are for Leontine, a young entrepreneur, mom and wife I met in Marie Forleo’s online B-school. Optimistic and outgoing, she was just diagnosed with acute leukemia and has had to jump into treatment with both feet but refuses to give up on her business.


My heart, and my heartrate, go out to her and her family. Who will you dedicate your #33minutes to today?

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