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Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

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Deep-Fried-Turkey-RecipeDeep Fry A Turkey This Year, It's The Hottest Fastest Bird in Town

The easiest holiday to plan a meal around though is Thanksgiving; the problem comes with deciding how to prepare the bird. Millions awaken before dawn to get that huge hunk of foul into the oven so it can cook the prescribed amount of time based on its weight. But recently, there are more and more individuals who are opting for a new way to cook the turkey. After reading this article you will no longer say, "Deep fried turkey, what?"

Tender, Moist Steaming Deep Fried Turkey

The cooking fat never touches the inner flesh of the bird and so deep frying your turkey, contrary to supposition, does not add fat to your meal.  When the bird cooks quickly with heat generated from outside, the inside seals and cooks tender in it's own juice.  And don't worry, you can still make the gravey by boiling up the neck, wingtips, gizzards, liver and heart of the turkey with a bunch of celery, onions, garlic and peppercorns, sage and thyme and you won't believe the compliments!

Cooking a turkey in a fryer is actually one of the easiest ways to get a tender juicy consistency that is desired when one is preparing a bird for Thanksgiving. When the turkey is put into the oil it quickly develops a cooked crust on the outside that works as a barrier. This prevents the juices from escaping as they will when the fowl is cooked in the oven. Cooking a turkey with a deep fryer also does not mean that you will have a meal that is less healthy than when the turkey is roasted. Using peanut oil to fry a turkey keeps the smoke factor down since it has such a high heat smoking index and as a pure non-saturated oil it allows for a great tasting turkey.

Preparing for Deep Fried Turkey

Preparation is similar to cooking a turkey the traditional way with the exception of the stuffing factor.  One difference is that the maximum size should be 14 pounds.  An eight to ten pound turkey will yield the best results although if you have a really large deep fat fryer you can go larger but you will be utilizing more oil and need a bit more time.  You do not want to attempt cooking a cut or partial turkey in this manner and it would be inappropriate to do a "turkey breast roast" in this manner, since the skin of the bird is protective and guarantees a tender outcome.

You still want to remove the packets of innards from inside the turkey before you cook it. If there is string or wire connecting the legs of the turkey, it needs to be removed also. Deep fried turkey also cannot be done if the bird has its cavities stuffed. However, adding rubs inside and out or injecting herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of the turkey. Also, cut off the tail and the excess fat around the neck of the turkey to make sure that the oil can penetrate the whole fowl. Finally, make sure that the turkey is wiped dry inside and out. This will mean that there is less popping and sputtering of hot oil when you start frying a turkey.

Deep Frying Your Turkey

There are two different types of turkey fryers, one that can be used indoors and one that must be used out of doors. There are electric types that are indoor cookers, but they must be kept away from cabinets and off of counters if possible. Propane style cookers are exclusively for the outdoors and should also not be used on a deck. Most different types of turkey fryers have a fill line that will tell you exactly where the pot should be filled with oil, so make sure and do not go above that line. Heat the oil to between 350 and 400 degrees and maintain that the entire time the turkey is cooking.

Slowly place the turkey in the oil, stopping momentarily if there is any excessive popping. The rule of thumb for a crisp on the outside and moist on the outside turkey is 4 minutes per pound. After the turkey has cooked for the specified amount of time slowly take it out and let it sit for approximately fifteen minutes.

The only thing left is to carve the turkey up and enjoy that flaky tender meat. And you were saying "Deep fried turkey, what?" just an hour ago.

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