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deepak-chopra-series-meditation-and-awareness-headerAre you trying to find more happiness in your life?

Do you feel that you're missing something but can't put your finger on it? Being more mindful can help lead you to self actualization and a higher sense of self. Deepak Chopra, the guru of mind healing and being present, has lead many people onto a path of enlightenment and with Oprah as one of his clients, he is considered to be one of the best coaches.

Do You Know How To Meditate?

In his upcoming Seduction of Spirit conference, Deepak Chopra along with Gabrielle Bernstein and master educators will lead reflective workshops, beautiful yoga practices, and guided meditations dedicated to increasing global consciousness and connection. The conference is August 3-8 and will attempt to bring together the World Record for the largest group meditation as well as lead participants on a seven-day journey to connect with what matters most in life. I was able to catch up with Deepak and asked him what are the key messages he wants participants to take home?

"I would like people to know that the most powerful tool we have for inner and outer transformation is our own awareness," he said.

"By using daily practices such as yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry, we can expand our awareness and break free of limiting or habitual ways of thinking and acting. This gives us the freedom to explore new possibilities and create a life filled with love, joy, and true fulfillment."

For more information on the Seduction of Spirit event please visit Chopra.

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