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defend-yourself-from-an-attackerBest Self Defense For Women

We hear it all too often on the news; women getting mugged, raped, and even murdered.  And as much as we'd like to think otherwise, there is always the chance that we will end up in a situation where we may be faced with violence of some sort.  Living in a large city or a small town does not exempt us from danger.  Stories abound about violence against women. And many of us foolishly think that it will never happen to us.  But it is up to us to be proactive; to plan for such a situation no matter how unthinkable and terrifying the thought is.

Defending Yourself

How to defend yourself begins with two simple words, "environmental awareness."  This means that we are always watching everything and everyone around us, no matter if the kids are misbehaving or we are talking on our cell phones.  Scanning our surroundings day or night as we complete errands and return home is imperative and should be as commonplace as locking our cars. Follow your intuition if something feels funny because you can never be too careful.  And as much as we like to help others, we need to practice caution.  Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was a good-looking, charismatic man who tricked many women by enlisting their "help."  Exercise caution in talking with strangers.

Self Defense Tactics

  • When walking at night, stay away from heavy shrubbery next to buildings.  Walk on the far part of the sidewalk closest to the street.  Choose well-lit streets.  Walk with confidence (shoulders back) and make eye contact with anyone you pass.  If you see someone from far away that you are nervous about, don't be afraid to cross the street and use the other sidewalk.
  • If someone asks you for your purse, throw it as far away from you as possible and get out of there!  You have a better chance of getting away and are saving yourself from possible further harm.
  • Do not go from "Crime Scene A" to "Crime Scene B."  If someone pulls a gun or knife on you and asks you to get in your car, do not do it!  The attacker will likely be nervous and the chances of him being able to shoot or cut you will be very slim.  If he wanted to harm you he could have already done that.  He is using the weapon to get you in the car so he can take you somewhere and harm you.  Run, scream and weave back and forth (if it's a gun) as you run.
  • Elbows and half fists work well in defending yourself.  If the worst happens and they are in your personal space, feign helplessness, then when you are in their space plunge your half-fist into their esophagus.  Their air supply will be cut off and they will double over.  Note, a half fist is one where you make your hand flat and curl up your fingers.  The half fist works well to fit the esophagus and prevents you from breaking your wrist.  Follow with a hefty elbow jab to the chest and run if needed.  Don't just stand there and stare.  Get away!
  • Do not go for the groin right away, for they are expecting that.  Oftentimes an attacker will simply grab your leg as you try, knocking you to the ground.

The Bottom Line - Defending Yourself

All women need to make a moral decision on what they will do if a situation like this happens to them.  Will we fight to the death?  Will we let them rape us?  These are tough questions to answer but we would do well to know what we can handle.  Studies show that in a rape situation, the women that fight it recover more quickly than women that don't.  But there is no right or wrong answer. 

Find a self defense class to learn how to get out of holds and defend yourself.  You will feel so much more confident and empowered.

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