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delicious-meals-from-coquette-in-new-orleans-videoNext time you’re in New Orleans, you need to make a stop at the restaurant Coquette for a fine dining experience! 

Chef and owner, Michael Stoltzfus, takes us behind the scenes of his restaurant Coquette. When his mom opened a bakery when he was 21, he never looked back. He planned on going to art school and decided to just work at the bakery for a couple weeks before he left, but he never did! And now today, he is the owner and head chef of Coquette. Check out why his restaurant is so famous and popular in New Orleans! 



Known for their small, seasonal menu, Coquette is a light and fresh take on New Orleans cooking. Their menu is always changing. Any restaurant that has a constantly changing menu, you know the food is good! So, next time you’re in New Orleans, you have to check out Coquette and see what amazing dishes they have on the menu for that day!




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