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destress-by-doing-less-videoWe all have such hectic lives, learn how to tone it down and get more happiness out of life! 

We don’t mean to be too harsh but YOU DO WAY TOO MUCH EVERYDAY! Yeah, you’re pretty much Super Woman but even superheroes need a break. Our own Andrea Metcalf, health and fitness expert, has some great tips for doing less this year so you can get more out of life! Wouldn’t that be nice to be able to prioritize your life, not feel like your planner needs more pages, and just feel happy and accomplished more often this year? Well you can! Life can be easier, just do less! Easier said than done? Well read on and get more out of life.

Prioritize Your Life 

Do less and get more by doing less so your life wont be hectic or stressful and it will give you time to do things that give you pleasure. This will you give more time to focus on the essential tasks you know you need to get done, the ones that give you the most in return. 

What’s really important? Prioritize your life. Did you know that the French, who work on average 35 hours per week are more productive than Americans? Germans who work about 28 hours a week have seen productivity rise by 20 percent! Do less, get more

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