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How To Save Calories

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Dieting is never easy, but you can still enjoy the foods you love like baked potatoes and chicken salad. Toby Smithson, a registered dietician teaches us how to swap foods out of your meal for lower calorie options. Love baked potatoes with a little sour cream or love salads with some yummy dressing? You can still eat all of that, but make a couple substitutes and cut hundreds of calories a day! 

Save on Calories

  • Instead of sour cream, use two tablespoons of Greek yogurt or plain yogurt. You can save half the calories! 
  • When eating a salad, instead of using dressing, ask for a couple limes on the side for the dressing. You could save 200-300 calories! For a tasty snack, squeeze a little lime over some cucumbers. 
  • Instead of butter on your bread when you’re at the restaurant, use roasted garlic.
  • Love chicken salad? Instead of putting it in a tortilla, put on a leaf of lettuce! You will save on calories and carbs; 270 calories to be exact!

Try these simple ideas for saving calories throughout the day and get fit fast!



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