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diana-nyad-feeling-strong-in-distance-swimDespite Setbacks, the Star Swimmer Carries On.

Not even storms and jellyfish stings can hold back Diana Nyad. A development in the Diana Nyad swim says that the swimmer is doing fine despite the setbacks as the public gets updates from the Diana Nyad blog and Diana Nyad Twitter. In fact, Nyad has swum longer than any of her past three attempts. Could this be the attempt where Nyad makes the astonishing distance swim from Cuba to Florida?

Diana Nyad Update

Her crew said in a Diana Nyad update that as of Monday, August 20, 2012, Nyad’s swim is going well. But, it did not seem to be going so well the night before. On Sunday, August 19, Nyad’s blog said that the swimmer was thrown off course by a sudden squall. However, that didn’t stop her, as in the midst of the lightning and storm blowing on her, she was “feeling strong.”

Diana Nyad, swimmer who holds the record for the longest distance swam in the ocean, ran into other troubles besides a storm. She suffered jellyfish stings on her forehead, lips, neck and hands on the first night of her swim, according to her blog. Operations director for Nyad, Mark Sollinger, said she did “the Diana Nyad thing” and swam through it. Fortunately, there were no jellyfish sightings on Monday.

Diana Nyad jumped into the Havana, Cuba waters on the afternoon of Saturday, August 18, 2012, which is a day earlier than the original start date. By Monday evening, she had swum almost 40 statute miles, according to her GPS tracker. The reason she started the trip early was because the waters looked “fantastic” and her Xtreme Dream team said that they had to get out there.

This Diana Nyad swim is the 62-year-old’s fourth attempt. The entire trip to Key West, Florida is 103 miles and expected to take her 60 hours if she succeeds, which she plans on. The day before her trip, she stressed that “This has got to be it.” She said that this has to be the last try. The Diana Nyad twitter said that six hours were lost to the storm, but she had been swimming for 50 hours by Monday evening.

Past Diana Nyad Swim Attempts

Nyad is no stranger to swimming setbacks. In the Diana Nyad 1978 attempt, rough waters left her battered and delirious less than halfway to her goal. Last year, she gave it two more tries, being thwarted one time by an 11-hour asthma attack and another by jellyfish stings. In this swim, she’s using electronic shark repellent and a diving team to ward off sharks instead of a shark cage.

Her own record for the world’s longest ocean swim is 102.5 miles, when she swam from the Bahama Island of Bimini to Jupiter, Florida. She also won several swimming marathons and swam around Manhattan, the first woman to do so.

She hasn’t lost it in her 60s, saying that she feels “vital and powerful.”

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