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There is awake, and then there is "diaper awake." Diaper awake occurs during the sleep-deprived twilight hours when a parent has to "wake up" to change a diaper. Many parents admit they can almost stay "lightly" asleep through a nighttime feeding, but it can be downright detrimental to try to sleepwalk through a diaper change with all of the dodging rolling bodies and ducking wayward feet.

Here are four tips to help you and baby get a deep sleep.


Create A Sleep Routine Humans, especially babies, are hardwired to respond to habits, triggers and routines. Put together a series of calming activities before bedtime, like taking a warm bath, putting on warm pajamas and singing a specific lullaby every single night before bed. Soon, it might be tough to keep baby awake!

17792-tips-for-baby-sleepUse Nighttime Diapers Nighttime diapers go a long way toward keeping baby comfortable and asleep at night. They protect against leaks for up to 12 hours and keep baby’s skin dry even with a little nighttime peeing. That all means baby stays comfy enough to stay asleep, which means tired parents can get some rest, too!

Give A Little Baby Rub Down Little ones can get wound up from playing and eating all day, leading to tense little muscles and high energy. A very light massage can work out tension from hours of play and stimulation, relaxing baby enough to settle in for the night. The key here is to be very gentle.

Bring On The Music We are looping back to our first suggestion: routine. Create a soothing playlist that moves from light, fun music to slower, softer tunes. Using the same playlist every night helps send the message to baby that it is time to relax and go to sleep. Give it a try for yourself with our nighttime playlist (played through Spotify). Press play and we promise everybody will be having sweet dreams before the last note plays. 


WF's Bedtime Playlist For Tired Parents

1. Things - Barenaked Ladies
2. Sing to Me (feat. Karen O) - Walter Martin, Karen O
3. Butterfly - Lisa Loeb
4. Little Boy Blue - The Little Series
5. Fis Do Do - Lisa Loeb
6. Go to Sleep - The Little Series
7. Go to Sleep Now - The Verve Pipe
8. Day Is Done - The Little Series


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