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Are the rumors true? Did one of our favorite twins get married in secret?

Rumors are circulating that Mary-Kate Olsen may have gotten married to fiancé Olivier Sarkozy in a secret ceremony after the two were seen wearing matching wedding bands. The couple have been engaged since March of this year, but neither have made an official statement in regards to their marital status.

Olsen, 28, and Sarkozy, 45, a French banker (and half brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy), may be really good at hiding their new marriage. Olsen is known for keeping her personal life private, but these two lovebirds have been seen on numerous occasions sporting matching gold bands on their ring fingers. The most recent photo captured the two chowing down on sandwiches, rings clearly visible on camera.

The two have been dating since May 2012 and engaged since March 2014 so it’s not a far out possibility that they tied the knot. If so, we have so many questions...

Was her sister Ashley a bridesmaid? Did they marry in France to get away from Hollywood cameras? Was the Full House cast invited to the ceremony?

We may never know the answers... but we do know one thing - no one feeds each other sandwiches on a park bench while donning matching wedding bands if you aren't serious about marriage. Sandwiches pretty much seal the deal.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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