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basics-of-a-plant-based-dietIf you are looking to change your diet and start consuming more plant-based foods and less meat, get the facts!

We have broken down the plant-based diet basics to help you decide if it's right for you.

Often throughout the course of our life, we find ourselves wanting to adjust our diet. Whether it is for weight management, personal health issues, or just to feel better, in order to make a permanent diet change you need to learn about the basics first. If you know what you are going to partake in up front and like what you see, the chances of sticking with it are much stronger.

The plant-based diet is one that is making headlines as a new diet to try due to its positive effects. It focuses around eating mostly plant-based foods and less meat, which can lead to less disease and helps you to avoid factory farms. The diet encourages you to consume fruits, grains, seeds, basically anything that focuses around plants. Eating animal products is not included, so you will have to give up meat, eggs, and most dairy or animal by-products.

We broke down the facts for plant-based diet beginners to help you decide if it will work for you.

1. Effective Weight Loss

Since the diet consists of eating plant-based foods, you will be cutting out extra calories that you would normally be consuming eating sweets and processed foods. One of the best parts is that you will feel full because you can eat hearty servings, due to the calorie content in most plant-based foods being low.

Think of fresh salads with beans, legumes, peas and carrots, or your favorite veggies topped with balsamic vinaigrette or hummus.

If you have a sweet tooth you can eat bananas, blueberries, apples, or combine them all in to a refreshing smoothie. Part of the diet is getting creative with what you can eat to make the process enjoyable.

2. It’s Good for You

Mostly all diets come with the promise that they are good for your health, but this one actually is. Some studies have proven that eating this way can actually help to lower your blood pressure. If your diet revolves around plants, the chances of developing hypertension later in life are very low. The plant-based diet can also help to reduce heart disease and even reverse it. The best reason yet; plant based foods can help to reduce cancer. Studies have shown that consuming red meat can lead to cancer, therefore focusing on eating more plants can help to reduce this risk.

3. It’s Affordable

If you are thinking that this diet sounds right for you, but you are unsure if you can afford it, don’t stress. The plant-based diet is in fact very affordable. It heavily consists of beans and peas, which are very inexpensive and it encourages you to cook, which can greatly save you money since you won’t be eating out as much. It also allows you to cook large portions of foods, like soup and hummus, which you can freeze or store in the fridge and reheat later.

Whether you want to lose weight or just feel better overall, a diet is a lifestyle change. It’s easy to see how centering your diet around plants can contribute to a smaller waistline, better health, and a better you.