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top-3-diet-trends-of-2014Get ready to shed some pounds this New Year with these new diet trends! 

Is your New Years resolution to shed some unwanted pounds? We are ready to tell you all about the top three diet trends of 2014! Try some of these options now and start looking your best and feeling confident. Have you tried a trending diet that really worked for you?

Anything Lemon 

Lemons are a natural detoxifier and because of that, squeezing some fresh lemon into anything from a glass of water to a salad will naturally help you lose weight. The lemon water diet is a popular choice. Simply squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of water and add a splash of real maple syrup and drink this and only this all day. Drink at least 6 glasses of this mixture a day. This is a popular diet among celebrities. Just be careful when trying this option. If you want to give it a go, try doing it for a day or two and see how you feel.

Abdominal Belts 

You’ve probably seen plenty of infomercials about abdominal belts. You also have probably wondered if they actually worked. It sounds great doesn’t it? Sit on couch, watch TV and get your abs whipped into shape! These belts are electric, which is what causes the tightening movements. Would you ever try one of these belts? 

Body Wraps 

The newest weight loss option is to do body wraps. Many salons and spas offer body wraps. These are also used for fixing loose skin. There are different types of wraps such as bandages, clay, mud, or seaweed, usually soaked in some type of detoxing herbs. You’re wrapped from neck to ankles and just relax for an hour. When the wrap is removed, you are slimmer and tighter!

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healthy-snack-swaps-for-the-new-yearStart the New Year off right by swapping unhealthy snacks for good ones!

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to eat healthier, one of the first things to be conscious of is your snacking. It’s super easy for the calories to add up when you’re mindlessly munching throughout the day. Fill your tummy with good calories over empty ones by swapping this for that!

fast-healthy-weight-loss-2Quick healthy weight loss doesn't have to mean abandoning good habits.

You really can't afford that fab ten day spa for losing ten pounds at a price tag of $3000 before the airline ticket.  But the magic attracts you.


Trying to lose weight can be so much work, home alone and on your own. With so many diets out there, what does one choose? If you are like most people, they have dieted to lose weight and are feeling very tired and run down. Others have found the weight loss so slow that they feel frustrated and discouraged. If it's just a few extra pounds that you can't seem to shake, what's to be done? 

What we all want is a recipe for a fast healthy weight loss that can be maintained. A few surprisingly simple rules can make a difference.

Here are the safest and best tips for quick healthy weight loss that won't set you back a fortune or leave you zapped of energy and vitality.

Water and Hydration, A Key to Fast Weight Loss

Many people mistake hunger for thirst. Most people do not drink enough water. Drinking at least 20% of your body weight is a good rule of thumb. A person may be thirsty and think that they hunger so they eat instead of drinking water. They are taking extra calories that could be avoided. If someone is unsure whether they are hungry or thirsty, they can drink plenty of water first and see if there hunger goes away. Another way to satiate hunger is to drink plenty of water 1 hour before a meal. This way people make time to hydrate their bodies so when it is mealtime, they will eat for hunger only.

1. Dare to start with a 3 to 5 day green juice fast

A juice fast or feast as it has been called can be the quickest way to give the body a break from having to digest food all day and a great way to reset your metabolism. Many people will start to lose weight on a juice fast. After the fast, a person will want to slowly add foods back into their diet. They can start with vegetables followed by fruits and nuts and then finally minimal meats and carbohydrates.

2. Eat 4 to 5 small meals per day

When a person eats, several small meals per day. Your digestion is able to be more efficient and therefore improves your metabolism leading your body to fast healthy weight loss.

3. Eat fresh and organic foods

Toxins love to bind to your fat cells. The less toxins a person has in their body the faster they will lose weight. Eating fresh foods and organic or natural foods greatly diminishes the toxins a person is taking in.

4. Keep the vegetables coming

Vegetables are great. They contain lots of fiber and nutrients, are low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. A diet high in a variety of vegetables except potatoes and some squashes for their high starch content is a person's best friends in their goal for quick healthy weight loss.

5. Eat more raw foods

Raw foods contain lots of digestive enzymes and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Raw foods are nutrient dense and are untouched by cooking. Cooking does destroy many of the digestive enzymes and nutrients. You are likely to eat a lot less food when you eat raw because your body is getting much more nutrients in needs and you will feel less hungry. Raw foods also help detoxify your body so it will help you lose more fat cells that are protecting you from toxins. Eat plenty of raw.

6. Minimize dairy and meat

Dairy and meats are difficult for the body to process and are slow to digest and easily help pack in the pounds. They also create allergic reactions for many people. Minimize consumption of meats can really give your digestion a break and help you shed off the pounds.

7. Cut the carbohydrates, sugar, junk food, condiments, and processed foods

There are so many artificial ingredients in junk foods. Most the body does not recognize, sees them as toxins, and store them into your fat cells. Think of it like this. The more processed the more weight gain you will incur. Cutting processed foods from your diet is one of the best and quick healthy weight loss tips.