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dietitians-share-favorite-diets-videoThere are thousands of diet books on the market. Each year, more new books on nutrition clammer for attention to help you lose weight. Elyse Wagner (a holistic nutritionist) and Amari Thomsen (a registered dietitian) share what their favorite diet is for their clients. See how these nutrition experts feel about diets in general and why we should depend more on the food we're eating.


Elyse's Advice

"My favorite diet for clients is not a diet at all. I look at clients through a holistic lens and together, we create an eating lifestyle that will uniquely fit their needs."

Amari's Advice

"Many of my clients are most successful in their weight-loss endeavors with a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and healthy fat approach. Most people looking to slim down struggle with their weight because their carbohydrate consumption doesn’t match their activity level. If you consume a large proportion of carbohydrates on a daily basis, but you aren’t very active, it’s going to be challenging for your body to get rid of weight. I’m also a huge advocate for food quality and encourage my clients to seek out foods that provide the most nutritional bang for their buck. The more vitamins and minerals per calorie, the more nutrient dense the food is.

About the Experts

Amari-expert-photo-FINALAmari Thomsen is a registered dietitian, blogger, and owner of Eat Chic Chicago. She graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Later, she completed her nutrition education at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a master’s degree in nutrition science. After starting her blog back in 2009, Amari has since expanded her career by developing her own nutrition private practice, Eat Chic Chicago. With previous experience as a nutrition coach for Lifetime Fitness and as a Healthy Eating Specialist for Whole Foods Market, Amari is focused on integrating modern and traditional techniques to promote real food nutrition. Find Amari at Eat Chic Chicago.



Elyse-expert-photo-FINALElyse Wagner is a holistic nutritionist and health psychology expert who helps women of all sizes stop food guilt, body shame, and emotional eating. She helps create peace with their body and build a better relationship with food as they finally give themselves permission to feel fabulous! After being taunted as "Obese Elyse", she has now found peace within her body and helps others do the same through her virtual private one-on-one group coaching programs. Join the conversation and get Elyse’s bites of wisdom through her award winning ETV! episodes and delicious whole foods recipes at My Kitchen Shrink.



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