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Difficulty-Having-OrgasmHow to Reach Your Peak

Despite the manly skills and testosterone abundance of their partners, 70% of women have difficulties getting to climax. Have you ever asked yourself why you're encountering difficulty finding satisfaction? Have you ever felt like something was wrong with you because you can't seem to be able to climax? Rest assured, you're not alone. Most women have had trouble with this at some point in their lives. So, why is it so hard for a woman to reach her peak? Is it us, or is it our partner, or both?

What's Keeping You?

According to research, 90% of the time women are unable to reach climax it's not because there is anything physically wrong with them. The problem is in our psyche. Education, moral approach and previous experience play an important role in influencing a woman's already complicated mind and affecting her ability to find satisfaction.

When you are making love with your partner, sometimes things don't go quite as expected. Perhaps he goes too fast or too slow or the position you're using is uncomfortable for you. Most women continue anyway for their partner's pleasure. Take a moment and think about it: is that really something that helps female partners to reach the desired level of excitement? Most definitely not! When this happens, our minds wander and we may even end up feeling like some sort of object. This often leads to resentment towards out partners. Your male partner may not even be the reason you can't be satisfied. Women need to take greater responsibility for their own pleasure by communicating with their partners. When something ceases to be exciting, let him know in a kind way and offer him a suggestion of another method to try.

Most men love intimacy for its physical pleasue, but increasing research shows that there are also psychological benefits. The most common psychological reason is related to performance. When a man is able to pleasure his partner, it reinforces his sense of skill and competence. By communicating your needs and desires to your partner, you're not only helping him to give your more satisfaction, your improving his self esteem as well.

Your love life is not all about physical pleasure (although that's always nice). Sharing the most intimate moments two people can have can be its own reward. Try and shift gears away from your difficulty finding satisfaction and focus instead on the experience as a whole. If you find yourself continually unable to climax or experience pain during intimacy, it may be time to talk to a medical professional. A medical doctor can rule out any physical problems and may even have some creative suggestions you haven't thought of before. If there is no physical cause for your discomfort, it might be a good idea to talk to a therapist. Although your love life isn't always easy to talk about, a qualified therapist can help you sort though mental blocks that may be preventing you from experiencing the pleasure of intimacy with a faithful partner.

Ultimately, the way to find satisfaction lies in your own hands. Talk openly with your partner, your doctor and, if you have one, your therapist. Communication is the best way to overcome your difficulties and make intimacy enjoyable again.

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