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Divorce Dirty Tricks

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dirty-divorce-tricksThe Dirty Business of Divorce

Divorces can be a pretty nasty ordeal regardless of the circumstances.  In many cases divorces can be more emotional than the wedding and marriage combined.   It's seems as if everything that was wrong within the relationship was hoarded and built up over time so when the dirty business of divorce is engaged, people simply explode.   This is when most people start to play dirty divorce tricks to get their way and as vindication for years of holding back in the marriage.  Some of the most vindictive divorce tricks have been known to involve the children, hiding income and making false claims of child or spousal abuse.

How to Avoid Divorce Dirty Tricks

While dirty tactics in divorce are unhealthy for everyone involved but they can really be devastating for the children!  Quite naturally, dirty divorce tricks are unplanned during the marriage, but it's these malicious acts committed during the divorce and provoked by shiftless attorneys' that have divorcees intimidated.  This is especially true for people unaware of the different under handed divorce tactics that can be used against them!  Don't fall into the trap of nasty little divorce strategies that could trick you out of your home, place a strain on your income and decrease quality time with the children.

Making a clean break after a divorce can be pretty difficult, especially if the divorce is plagued with nasty divorce tricks.   Generally, getting on with your life requires picking up the broken pieces of your pride and humanity, which have been scattered by the mud slinging and under handed legalities of a scorned spouse.   But this doesn't have to be the case, if you can circumvent these divorce tricks before they get out of hand!   Ironically, the only way get around these tricks is by knowing what to expect and how to counteract the effects.  Granted, avoiding these tactics may seem like a CIA covert mission, but it'll be well worth your while once the divorce wheels are in motion!
  • Always watch out for the in-laws and close friends.  In-laws and friends can unwittingly play a big role in a dirty divorce tactic.  For example; your spouse can claim you're unfit to care for the children because you often leave them with your mother in law.  Another example is your spouse claiming child neglect and using relative to recite an instance when you were unavailable during an emergency.  Even having in-laws attest to poor housekeeping habits and failure to maintain a safe environment for the children can be used against you.    The best way to circumvent these tricks is by turning the tables and using counter witness, preferably an in-law or spousal friend that is unbiased to the situation and willing testify on your behalf.
  • Sometimes exiting spouses will want to get around paying alimony or child support and will often purposely hide assets and income you're unaware of! You can make it much easier for your spouse to short change you during the divorce by not knowing the details of your marital finances before the divorce.  This means having an active role in money management, financial investments and any residual income. That way your spouse can't claim less income than he has when calculating alimony and child support, because your witness to his financial standings and can provide proof.  That's if you're proactive enough to make copies of pertinent documentation when you have access to it!
  • One of the biggest under handed divorce tricks is claiming infidelity!  While most often it's the woman who uses this tactic and generally when she does it warranted, it's one divorce trick many women fail to see coming.  Your soon to be ex husband could use a number of circumstantial evidence to build his case.  For example; you worked late and it's was just you and your male boss.  Maybe your out with your girlfriends and your cell phone battery was low and you couldn't call home.

These are all instances he could say you were using to cheat.  And if he has witness to back up his claims then you've got a lot a work ahead of you!  While we don't think about what situations may look like throughout the marriage, reducing the suspicious circumstances from it will be more beneficial in the long run and it will eliminate your spouse using it at a dirty divorce trick.

While other more vindictive divorce tactics such as starving you out by not providing support or paying bills during the divorce proceedings is another way to get you to submit to unfair alimony and child support terms once the divorce is under way.   Even when your spouse cleans out the bank account and run up charges on joint credit cards and other credit accounts to leave you holding the bill can all be prevented if you know this is a possibility.

Unfortunately many of these divorce tactics are illegal, immoral and detrimental to the children.  But as long as you maintain your cool and hold fast to your terms you can reveal your spouse for what he truly is; a sore loser!

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