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Ever heard the saying, “love is never on time?” This rang true with newlyweds George Kirby and Doreen Luckie, who have become the world’s oldest newlyweds.

Tying the knot this past November, Kirby, 103, and Luckie, 91, married in Eastbourne, England surrounded by their friends and family; including their seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren combined. With their ages added together, they have the chance of being the oldest newlywed couple at 194 years. Before their marriage, the oldest married couple was a combined age of 190.


Photo Credit: George Kirby's Facebook Page

The couple met in 1988 through a senior socializing organization after Luckie became a widow, and became engaged this past Valentine’s Day. "I didn’t get down on one knee,” Kirby told The Telegraph, “Because I don’t think I’d have been able to get back up."

Quickly after their engagement, the couple became headline news, which was quite a surprise to the couple. "We seem to have made every national newspaper. Good job I didn't marry her years ago…” Kirby wrote on his Facebook page. And if you’re wondering, yes, there was a bachelorette party. Kirby missed out on his bachelor’s party to due to a fall.
Ah, to be old and in love.


Relationships are probably simultaneously the most difficult and fulfilling part of life. Every couple goes through a rough patch, and many of them have trouble escaping it. Maintaining a relationship is no simple task, but a combination of the right people and the right attitude can make all the difference. 

John Gottman has researched married couples for over forty years. In his book Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Gottman discusses the “four horsemen” that indicate a failing marriage and provides ways to solve these issues.

Here are some common problems among married couples and how to avoid them with your partner!


It’s one thing to complain about things your partner does: leaving the bathroom a mess, spending way too much time watching television, etc. It’s another thing to judge them for this behavior. Criticizing is an attack on a person’s character rather than their behavior, and this can be problematic in any marriage.


Again, complaining is a part of human nature, and perfectly normal in any marriage. When our spouses do or say things to annoy us, it’s natural for us to express it. However, if you constantly find yourself rolling your eyes or verbally insulting your partner, then it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

“In whatever form, contempt – the worst of the four horsemen – is poisonous to a relationship because it conveys disgust,” says Gottman. “It’s virtually impossible to resolve a problem when your partner is getting the message that you’re disgusted with him or her.”



According to Gottman, “defensiveness is really a way of blaming your partner. You’re saying, in effect, ‘The problem isn’t me, it’s you.’” Being defensive, even if you aren’t at fault, can do more harm than good in an argument.


If you find yourself in a constant tug of war with your spouse, you’re eventually going to give up. After a while, you’ll start yes-ing them to death, or worse, ignoring them completely. While this temporarily removes you from the issue, it may permanently remove you from the relationship.

These four habits are the leading cause of divorce among couples. So how can we avoid them? Luckily, Gottman has solutions for that, too.

  • The healthiest marriages are among those who know each other the best. How can you love someone you barely know? Gottman explains that “emotionally intelligent” couples care the most about one another and their feelings, which leads to a more successful marriage.
  • When “emotionally intelligent” couples do argue, the other person tends to use “I” instead of “you.” Not only does it help them better express their thoughts and feelings, but it also prevents the other person from feeling attacked.
  • The third solution is so simple that it might surprise you. After a long day, ask your spouse how it went. You can vent to each other about work or school and get all of the emotion out. That way, you won’t be able to take it out on one another.


As someone who's been in a long distance relationship for a few years, I know the importance of spicing things up to keep up the romance even when your special someone is thousands of miles away.

Sure, FaceTime and Skype are great and all, but sometimes you want acute and fun option that's a little outside the box. Check out these five app recommendations for keeping things exciting while your loved one is miles and miles away. 


Long-Distance-App-CoupleWhat doesn't this app have?! One fun feature is the  "thumb kiss" - if you touch your thumb to your app and your honey does as well, you phone vibrates to let you both know! The app also lets you sketch together and share videos and messages just for the two of you.

Android: Free | iPhone: Free



Long-distance-app-snapchatThis has to be one of the best apps for long distance relationships. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend's day by sending a sexy snap or a fun video of what you're up to. 

Your loved one will feel like he or she is right there with you, and the pic/video only lasts a few seconds! 

Android: Free | iPhone: Free


long-distance-bliss-iconLooking to make things more exciting in the bedroom despite being miles apart? This spendy but unique app is definitely for the more adventurous couples out there! Play fun games and unleash your competitive side with Bliss's array of naughty options. There's also a less intense free version out there for couples who are just looking to try it out. 

Android: $11.99 | iPhone: $11.99


long-distance-icebreak-app-iconHave you hit a rocky patch with your other half or feel like the communication is lacking? The IceBreak app is like a fun form of couple's therapy and a great way to bring excitement back into your relationship. The app comes up with questions that you and your partner can both answer plus you can post private messages on each other's 'walls.'

Android: $1.99 | iPhone: $1.99


long-distance-countdown-app-iconNow, every long distance couple knows that the one thing that really makes you feel better is counting down to the next time you'll see each other again! Download the Countdown!! app that lets you add personalized music, customized backgrounds (perhaps of you and your honey) and plenty of fun fonts and filters.

Android: Not available but similar ones to choose from | iPhone: Free


Don’t have the best memory? No problem, because your partner can help you fill in the blanks! A new study recently found that couples together remember more details and events than the individual partners could recall by themselves.

The British Psychological Society conducted the study and found that together, couples are just as capable at recalling lists and similar tasks as individual partners. 

The biggest finding of the study, however, was that together the couples were able to recall memories that the individual partner could not. It seems like there’s something to that idea of a couple so in love that they finish each other’s sentences! The study also found that the longer couples were together, the more vivid the memories became. 

Proving that two brains are better than one, the interaction the researchers spotted when couples were asked to remember vacations together was truly interesting. By simply talking things over, couples were able to remember snippets they couldn't remember individually.

And together, they formed more detailed descriptions of their shared experiences. Though past studies have suggested that collective recall doesn't work as well as individual recall, long-term relationships may provide an exception to the rule. 

The findings seemed to be linked to increased intimacy in a couple. For example, older couples may depend on each other for recall which could be why when cognitive function deteriorates in one partner, the other often experiences the same thing.