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4th of July parties can be the highlight of your summer! Decorating your home for the Fourth can be easy, inexpensive and fun. Step out of the box this 4th of July with these fantastic do-it-yourself Independence Day decorations. 

4th of July Party Decorations 

Red, white and blue! These patriotic colors should always be featured at any 4th of July party, but that doesn’t mean your party decorations have to look like everyone else’s! These great do it yourself party decorations and do it yourself centerpieces will make your 4th of July bash pop and leave guests in awe! So read on for some original and fabulous party decoration ideas!

Do It Yourself Decorating

Gather your friends and family for a fun 4th of July celebration. Impress them with your party-planning prowess by creating some of these do it yourself decorations - some fun to look at, others fun to eat!

  • Gumball Vase: Gather any size clear glass vases from around the home. These vases can be purchased very inexpensively at any craft store. Buy mini bubble gum balls in red, white and blue. Fill the vases in alternating colors patterns to show your patriotic pride! After your work, feel free to sneak a gumball or two (we won’t tell!) Stick red, white and blue mums in the vases for a show stopping do it yourself centerpiece. 
  • America’s Pastime: Nothing says America like a good old baseball game. Collect clear glass vases again and then collect used baseballs from your garage. Pile baseballs into the vase and place mini American flags into the arrangement. This DIY 4th of July decoration is so easy and so cute! 
  • Patriotic Fruit Kabobs: This is an easy and tasty decoration any fruit lover will enjoy. You will need kabob skewers (between 6-12 inches in length), and the following fruit: blueberries, strawberries, bananas. Slice up the strawberries and bananas into small chunks. Then, put the fruit on the skewer in this order: strawberry, banana, blueberry. You've got what looks like a red, white and blue kabob! You could make a bunch for people to pick up and eat, or arrange all red, all white, and all blue skewers to become the American flag on the table. 

  • Independence Day Fro-Yo: Similar to the fruit kabobs, you'll get strawberries, bananas and blueberries and drop them on top of white, soft-serve ice cream or vanilla frozen yogurt. You can go with clear glasses to let the fruit stand out or find decorative, red/white/blue glasses. 

So what are you waiting for!? Get going and you will have amazing do it yourself 4th of July party decorations in plenty of time for your Independence Day celebration! 

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