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beach-themed-floating-candle-headerPhoto Credit: April Schallau 

We absolutely love spending our lazy days at the beach during the summertime. But when we can’t get to the beach, this DIY beach-themed floating candle gives us a little souvenir from one of our favorite places.

This candle is perfect for any room of the house, and even looks spectacular outside on your patio furniture! To make this candle, you’ll be able to buy everything you need at your local craft store. And since you make it all in a mason jar, you can create the candle inside, seal it up and give it as a hostess gift next time you head to a summer party!

I don’t live near a beach, but I do have a yellow and blue bathroom in my basement and this candle really added the perfect amount of summer cheer. And trust us, it’s a great conversation starter since it uses sand and seashells!

Beach-2Photo Credit: April Schallau 

What You’ll Need

  • Large mason jar
  • Floating candle. I used a white fresh scented floating candle since it went in my bathroom but you could go any route here. Try a blue floating candle that has an ocean scent!
  • Fresh clean water
  • Sand
  • Blue and clear glass stone gems
  • Decorative seashells

Beach -4Photo Credit: April Schallau 


Beach-5Photo Credit: April Schallau

  1. Remove the lid from your mason jar and pour in your sand about a quarter of the way.
  2. Next, add a mixture of blue and clear glass stone gems.
  3. Then artfully place different seashells on top of the gems.
  4. Start adding your water. Very slowly add the water since you don’t want to mess up what you’ve already created!
  5. Lastly, drop your floating candle on top, light and enjoy!

beach-3Photo Credit: April Schallau 

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