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diy-christmas-centerpiecesBring cheer to the table this holiday season.

Christmas decor is an easy DIY project. With a few materials, a crafty vision, and some Christmas cheer, there are not many things as simple as decorating your home for the holiday season. Creating Christmas centerpieces is by far one of the easiest DIY projects. Here are a few elegant and pretty DIY Christmas centerpieces you can try this year.

Let’s start with a single centerpiece we’ve all seen glistening and adorning a mantel or place setting during this time of year at least once before: branches or twigs. If you’ve ever wanted a sparkling twig of your own, you’re in luck.

176876683Decorative Holiday Branch


  • Tree branches or twigs
  • Lopping shears
  • Silver or gold spray paint
  • Silver of gold glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Spray glue
  • White glue (optional)
  • Decorative accents (optional)


[Do outside]

  1. First, find a tree branch or twig in a size you like.
  2. Use lopping shears to shape to your preference.
  3. Spray branch/twig with spray paint, covering entirely. Let dry.
  4. Spray branch/twig with spray glue, covering entirely.
  5. Sprinkle glitter onto branch/twig. You can place something down on the ground to collect the excess glitter so it can be reused.
  6. Spreading white glue in a few places on the branch/twig with a paint brush then adding decorative accents creates an icy look. This is optional.
  7. Place in a candlestick holder or vase.

If you don’t want to put your tree branch or twig on a candlestick holder, you don’t have to. Here’s an ornament glass centerpiece you can make using your decorative holiday branch.

ornaments-in-jarOrnament Glass


  • Clean and empty glass vases or cylinders
  • Glass baubles
  • Glistening branch or twig
  • Decorative holiday pieces like stars or fake snow powder
  • Fake snow powder


  1. Wash and dry each glass.
  2. Add a small amount of snow to glass (optional).
  3. Add branch or twig. You can add more than one if you would like.
  4. Add glass baubles. Tip: red, green, silver and gold look really nice.
  5. Add other decorative elements.

If you want to create a centerpiece for a candlelight dinner, tea light candles glasses are the perfect centerpiece.

163753918Tea Light Candle Glass


  • Clean and empty large wine glasses
  • Tea lights
  • Tea light inserts
  • Fake snow powder
  • Glass baubles
  • Glass stars


  1. Wash and dry each glass.
  2. Add a small amount of snow to glass.
  3. Then fill each glass with decorations: glass baubles, stars, etc.
  4. Add tea light inserts. Bend the wires so they fit smug onto the glass.
  5. Add tea lights.
  6. Light the tea light candle and enjoy your own starry night.

We told you it was easy! Have fun making your holiday decor!

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