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DIY-collage-journal-make-your-own-lifebookHere's a great way to cherish your favorite memories!

Are you looking for a way to display your favorite memories? If so, then, you have to try this awesome idea for a collage lifebook journal! I used to journal when I was younger, but after a while, I realized I wanted to go visual with my memories. Enter: the Lifebook.

A lifebook allows you to document what your life is like today using pictures, drawings, concert tickets, magazine clippings and anything else that describes you and your life!

What You Will Need

  • A journal with blank pages-- a hardcover journal will hold up better
  • Glue stick (to glue the insides)
  • Decoupage and a paint brush (to decorate the outsides)
  • Colorful pens, pencils and markers, highlighters etc.!
  • Magazines, photos, concert tickets, recipes, personal photos and anything else you love!

Photo Journal Directions

This is the best part of this project… there are NO directions! Simply glue whatever you desire onto the page to represent your life that day or week! There are no rules or guidelines for this project; you can make whatever kind of book you would like.

However, if you need some guidance, take it a day at a time- literally! Each day, think of something you can glue down to represent that day. Maybe it was a receipt from lunch or a concert ticket from that night. You can document your life weekly too. That way, you have a bunch of items to collage.



I have made pages of recipes, photo collages of fun memories, invitations from a friend's bachelorette party and so much more. It is a fun way to relive your most cherished memories in a cool and visually appealing way.

Don’t be afraid to get really creative and draw or use colorful pens to make the book even more original.

So grab some old photos, concert tickets and your favorite magazine and get gluing! This is such a fun way to bond with friends and allow your favorite memories to live on forever!

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