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DIY Decorative Holiday Candles VIDEO

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diy-decorative-holiday-candles-videoMake a DIY holiday candle for the dining room table.

Holiday decorating can be super fun, easy, and inexpensive. So, to put a little cheer in your home and around the dinning room table, here are two simple and easy DIY decorative holiday candles.


holidaycandlesDIY Holiday Candles


  • Green bush leaves
  • Glass container
  • Cranberries
  • Candles


  1. Start by going outside and picking a bush whose green leaves you like. Simply cut off a few (long and short) and bring them inside.
  2. Place green leaves inside, holding in to the glass container.
  3. Next, take a candle and put it inside to hold leaves in place.
  4. Add a few berries on the side of the candle, around and on top of the leaves you’ve added.
  5. You can also layer green leaves and cranberries then add a candle on top.

Repeat both methods with glass containers of varying sizes.

These are simple ways to decorate your table this holiday.

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