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closet-makeover-videoA DIY makeover for any messy closet! 

The Womensforum team helps Shelly remodel her walk-in closet, transforming it into a sleek, modern, well-organized addition to her home! Shelly had loads of clothing and accessories in her closet and desperately needed to get everything organized! 

She headed to a home improvement store to get wire shelving, drawers and some accessories to hold her shoes and belts. Once she removed all her belongings from the closet, the fun began! You won’t believe the transformation; check out this video!

Organizing Your Closet

  • Making sure you have the right anchors for the type of walls you have is so important when putting up the tracking.  
  • She put up wire shelves, shoe racks and drawers to keep everything organized.
  • Once you go through all your belongings in a closet, you’ll come across some items you don’t need anymore so the best thing you can do is donate them. This will also give you extra room too! 

Follow how Shelly got her walk-in closet organized and get motivated to do your own closet! Got a DIY project but need WomensForum.com’s help? Give us a shout on Facebook!

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