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DIY Dog Necklace

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diy-dog-necklaceYour dog can have neck candy just like you.

Forget pet accessories that cost an arm and leg. Give your special dog a special piece of jewelry by making it yourself. It will surely cut down the cost and that is always a plus! DIY projects for the home and for your closet never get old. It is not often we focus on our pets and the things we can make for them. It is the perfect time to visit your favorite craft store and get a few materials for a DIY pet project. You can have your kids help you create a gift from all of you to your pooch. A simple DIY pet project is making a DIY dog necklace.

DIY Dog Necklace Project


  • Roll of ribbon (the bigger the dog, the thicker the ribbon)
  • Pearl beads (small dog use small pearls, big dog use big pearls)
  • Scissors
  • Clear nail polish


  1. Measure the ribbon around the dog’s neck to get the length you need and cut. You don’t want it to fit too tight because you need enough ribbon to tie the end into a bow, and it’s not a collar but a necklace.
  2. Cut the ends into an upside down ‘V or triangle. This will keep the ends from fraying.
  3. Polish the ribbon ends with clear fingernail polish.
  4. Once the polish is dry, thread the pearls on the ribbon.
  5. Tie the ends into a bow.

Your dog looks just as pretty as you do! Please, do not use the dog necklace as the base for the leash to latch on.

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