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easter-bunny-egg-diyInstead of dying eggs this Easter, try a whole new craft with the kids with these bunnies!

Dying eggs every Easter can be repetitive, so spice it up this season with this Bunny Egg DIY project! The kids will fall in love with these cute little bunnies and you don’t have to worry about getting dye all over your clothes this year. Instead, grab these supplies and make a day of creating these bunnies that will go well with the Easter decorations around the house!

Supplies for DIY Easter Bunny Egg

  • Hard-boiled eggs: The last thing you want is for the kids to be dropping runny eggs around the house, so hard-boil them beforehand to save yourself the mess.
  • Paint: If the kids are bored with the white and brown colors of their eggs, have them paint the eggs beforehand! Pink, yellow and orange are still bright enough to see any designs drawn on the egg later.
  • Construction paper: Cut up small pieces of construction paper, roll them up and tape them to create the perfect placement for the egg. Decorate the paper with small pieces of construction paper for grass and flowers. Even use the construction paper to glue on ears!
  • Pipe Cleaners: Use these to make small whiskers for the bunny!
  • Googly eyes, cotton balls or buttons: These serve well as small eyeballs, as well as a nose, for the bunny. Hot glue guns may work best to put these on, but if you do use one make sure to apply these yourself!
  • Markers: For the smaller details, such as a mouth or eye lashes, markers will be easier to work with instead of paint.

What other Easter egg crafts are you making with the kids this holiday? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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