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diy-fingerless-gloves-from-old-socksSick of your socks magically disappearing in the dryer? Take the mismatched singles and turn them into a pair of gloves!

I don’t know about your living arrangements, but when you live in a building that shares a laundry room, you find a lot of random clothing left behind... especially socks! I probably have lost a handful of socks myself, so I have a pile in my drawer that I call “the hope pile,” meaning one day, maybe the other half will miraculously show up.

But, eventually this pile adds up and it’s time to recycle old socks. I started to think of a DIY unwanted socks project, instead of just throwing them in the recycling bin. Since the colder months will be arriving any moment, we all know our hands get cold very easily first. But, who wants to wear last year’s gloves? Here’s a DIY project for unused socks that might be taking up space in your drawer.

How To Make Fingerless Gloves


  • 2 same color socks (Don’t worry about them matching exactly. Even the pair I chose are a little different with the line pattern, but similar in color)
  • Needle and thread
  • Optional: 1 extra different color sock for decoration pieces



1. Lay the sock flat and put a hand over it to get idea where to cut the tip of the sock off for the fingers. Lay a pencil across where you want to cut if that helps you remember, then tip off.


2. Cut a small triangle off the heel (where your thumb will go) and also at the top where you laid your pencil down. Roll back both openings (fingers and thumb), as this will help prevent fraying from happening. Sew both rolls into place and along edge to close between the thumb and fingers.

Extra Decorations (Optional)

If you want to use an extra sock, cut out a circle of a contrast color and pinch in the middle of the circle twice to create a messy ruffled flower look. Sew flower on where desired. Also, with that extra sock, cut about an inch around the rim of the sock (the elastic part). Sew elastic part of sock inside the top of the other sock to give your gloves some extra dimension.


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