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DIY Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies

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We rip them, we tear them, we munch on them and now, we can give the gift of Fruit Roll Ups to friends, family and our children’s classmates for Valentine’s Day. In just a few steps, you can turn this fruity treat into fortune cookies with Valentine’s Day themed messages. This is a simple treat to hand out at the office, to friends, family or make with your kids for their classmates.  Everyone will love these creative Valentine’s Day treats! 

What You’ll Need  


  • 2 boxes of red Fruit Roll Ups 
  • Red permanent marker 
  • Parchment paper 
  • Circular cookie cutter or anything else round to cut the Fruit Roll Ups 


1. On a cutting board, cut your Fruit Roll Up in half.


2. Using a 2-inch circular cookie cutter or any other round object, cut out two circles. I used the cap off a jar of pizza seasoning to make the cutouts. 

3. Stack the two together.

4. Cut a long piece of parchment paper. Make sure you don’t use regular paper for the message because it can get stuck to the Fruit Roll Up.

6. Draw a red heart at one end and on the other side write a message like, “Sweets for my sweet,” or “Be mine.” 5. 

7. Place in the middle of the circle with the heart sticking out. 


8. Fold in half like a taco.


9. Press the top together to seal.

10. Take two fingers and bend the “taco” downward, using a third finger to make a crease in the center to create a fortune cookie shape. 


11. Place in sealable containers so they don’t harden and enjoy! 



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