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Transform your home into an eco-friendly space with some green DIY decorating. With this list of easy home projects that are designed to turn your home from mean to green, you can help preserve the environment. So, grab that hammer and paint can. Let's get to work!

1. Hanging Baskets

Instead of shelling out cash at the store, decorate your entryway with homemade hanging baskets. Fill them with flowers and any form of greenery that you like as a way to spruce up an empty space.

2. Low-Flow Shower Heads And Faucets

Reduce the amount of water your home and family consumes by investing in low-flow shower heads and faucets. These items use less water but still provide enough water pressure for cooking and bathing.

3. Florescent Bulbs

Florescent bulbs last longer ten times longer than incandescent lighting and can help reduce the amount of energy in your home. They also consume less carbon, which reduces your carbon footprint.

4. Compost

Build a compost in your backyard and watch your level of waste decrease dramatically. You can also use the remains of your compost pile to fertilize other gardens and houseplants.


5. Vegetable Garden

Give back to the environment by growing your own vegetables and saving money at the grocery store. Build a vegetable garden in your backyard or rooftop. Any size will do, just make sure to fill it with enough dirt and water regularly.

6. Eco-Friendly House Paint

Eco-friendly house paint reduces the amount of toxins in your home, and since it's water-based, clean up is easy. There's no fumes and it can be thrown out with regular trash.

7. Use Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products are less expensive than regular cleaning products and improve the air quality of your home. They are also safer for children and pets.

8. Upgrade Your Insulation

Adding insulation to your home can keep it warmer in the winter and reduce the output of energy by twenty to thirty percent. Additionally, try thermal shades to keep the heat in during the winter and the sun out during the summer.

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