diy-hair-colorColor Your Own Hair Without it Looking DIY.

Coloring your hair can be fun. But it also can be a disaster, whether at the salon or at home.  Thankfully, the salon will gracefully correct a hair color mistake. But oftentimes coloring your hair at a salon leaves you spending a whole lot of money, money that is tight right now. 

You can color your hair yourself with the over the counter hair color, DIY hair color! But let's face it, DIY hair color can be scary. If you'd like to try coloring your own hair at home, here are some suggestions for picking the right hair color. 

Hair Coloring Tips

There are many box hair colors out there at our local pharmacies and even supermarkets. It's difficult to know first of all, which hair color brand to use, let alone the color itself. As we see it, if you're going to take the plunge and color your hair yourself, you are just going to have to experiment. You might talk to your salon lady friend or friends of yours that color their own hair. But, rule of thumb says, you get what you pay for. In other words, the cheap color out there should be avoided.

How to Color Your Hair at Home

  • Whether going lighter or darker, it is best to pick a hair color within three shades of your natural hair color for the best results. There are little pictures on the side of the color box that should tell you what your color will look like when finished. But, the pictures are not always accurate and that's where the risk-taking comes in. When in doubt, go with the lighter version of the hair color. The worse case scenario is that you may just have to re-color your hair, if it turns out goofy. There are also hotlines you can call included with the color kit if you have questions.
  • Be realistic when selecting a hair color. If you have dark brown hair and want to go blond, boxed color will not likely blond you up the way you want it to. Many women with dark brown hair end up with brassy colored hair. Then a visit to the salon is in order to fix it! The end result can be "fried" hair and then we wonder if we should just shave it off!
  • One week before coloring your hair with DIY hair color, condition your hair well. This will prepare the hair for the color and help it last longer. Make sure when you do color your hair, that your hair hasn't been washed for a few days. The natural oils from your scalp will protect the scalp from irritation. And when you have finished coloring, do not wash it for three days to let the color set.
  • If you are a trying to go lighter, depending on how dark you are it is possible that your hair may need a toner to take any brassiness out. Toners are available at the stores too, just look around and follow the directions.
  • If you feel nervous about coloring your hair but still want to save money, consider going to a salon specialty store, which supplies hair dressers and even people like us, with good color products. Most of the employees are either students at hair schools or beauticians themselves. They can explain to you in person what to do and which color would be best.
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