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  • DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

    DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

    No longer are the days of the white sheet/ghost combo. Thanks to the lovely internet, especially Pinterest, parents worldwide are able to share their creative ideas for quick Halloween costume ideas. So even if you haven’t had time to think of your little one’s costume, there is hope. Here are 12 do-it-yourself costumes that will have other parents asking you, “where did you get that?”

  • Scuba Diver

    Scuba Diver

    Create a warm weather-inspired costume that is not only easy to put together, it also pairs clothes you may already have. Just break out a black sweatshirt and pants with some goggles and a crafty oxygen tank.

    Learn how to put it all together here.

    Photo Credit: DesignDazzle.com

  • Cloud


    With a little papier-mâché and a couple of balloons, your child can have their head in the clouds. A little messy to make, the final result is so eye-catching that it will be an outfit to remember for years. This is also a great group or family costume idea - nothing is more adorable that a small cluster of clouds.

    Learn to make this puffy look here.

    Photo Credit: OhHappyDay.com

  • Astronaut


    Tired of the old astronaut get up? Your kid can blast off with this rocket costume! A super easy look to put together, all it takes is an all-white outfit with some reflective tape. The craft component is full of things already in your pantry and craft drawer.

    Learn to make this out of this world costume here.  

    Photo Credit: RealSimple.com

  • UFO


    Create a UFO sighting in your neighborhood with this creative and fun costume! Although it looks incredibly intimidating at first, crafting this look together just requires some balloons, a large plastic bowl, a swim rings and lots of duct tape.

    Learn to make this awesome flying saucer here.

    Photo Credit: OhHappyDay.com

  • Pineapple


    Give a fabulous take on your child’s DIY costume with this eye-catching pineapple costume. Reuse any standard leggings with this no sew, we repeat NO SEW, cape and jaunty hat. Not only does this costume look fab, it’s also pretty warm for a cool fall night.

    Note: This does take some minimal sewing skills. Learn the instructions to this tasteful costume here.

    Photo Credit: DeliaCreates.com

  • Fox


    What does the fox say? Or wear in this case?

    Create an adorable, and quite trendy costume with this adorable fox outfit. Simply pair a bowtie with a button-up vest, a pair of shorts, leggings and a pair of rain boots. The only craft components are a mask and a furry tail. Not only is it easy to create, it’s a great go-to for when in a pinch!

    Learn all of the specifics here.

    Photo Credit: MomIncDaily.com

  • A Bouquet of Flowers

    A Bouquet of Flowers

    All this costume requires is a hot glue gun and a ton of fake flowers, and it’s absolutely beautiful! To make, simply glue fake flowers on a pair of sweatshirt and leggings - that’s it! To get the full field of flowers look, glue some matching flowers on a headband!

    To get all of the DIY info, click here.

    Photo Credit: OhHappyDay.com

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